Sunday, 13 October 2013

Last Minute Stop - Luxemburg

You know when sometimes you just want to be a bloody tourist ??? I know a lot of people who shun the tourist mentality and would prefer full independence travel anytime over a tour guide …. I am partially guilty of it but sometimes … you just cant avoid acting like a tourist ….

Luxemburg was one of those times I guess. I just wanted to add one more country to count of my journey … 
The Only Hostel in Luxemburg

From Gent I bought a return ticket to Luxemburg…. RETURN ticket … thou I was never going to use it … apparently according to the train ticket booth seller if I buy the return instead of the one way journey it was actually cheaper than buying two individual tickets to Luxemburg and then to Brussels. Must be something to do with the imaginary international border line whereby ticket crossing country can be quite expensive. But buying a return ticket means you will be coming back so it was good and cheaper.

41 Euro for a Return Ticket to Luxemburg from Gent

So I got the return ticket to Luxemburg which will serve as my ticket to Brussels from Luxemburg and if someone’s lucky passed on the next person that would be going to Gent from Brussels at the hostel …. We all help each other … backpacking strangers helping strangers every little bit to save money …. Like leaving food in the common kitchen label free for all …

Luxemburg … was beautiful … but boring to boot … well maybe it was winter so nothing much was going around. The city was like a castle in a epic fantasy book where the river or ravine spew in a circle around the city and was so deep that if it was not for the bridges it would take forever to cross over.

Down the ravine the semi outer city was a eerie place at night. Yet if you have a friend with you I would definitely suggest venturing around looking for a pub …. Its almost mystical at night.

Daytime nearby was a old ruin of some sort … did not really understand what that was but it looked interesting enough to wonder about for 3 hours …. Of the things I discovered were some weird fucking sculpture ….

Weird Fucking Sculpture

Luxemburg City

Luxemburg City

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