Saturday, 28 December 2013

Galway and a Irish Love Song

Day 3 on the mini all Ireland tour was when the fun begins. Our tour guide Martin finally after dropping all the other piggyback tour guides that was tagging along he was finally free to break express himself fully :)

Have you ever heard a Irish Love Song ???

Galway. It was a party town in the middle of winter. Somewhat famous for the romance movie and song Galway Girl this place was actually crowded for there was a university nearby feeding the city vibe. That night our guide brought us to a one of a kind place for drinking / dancing and partying ….

It was a diner during the day , pub in the evenings and nightclub after 11pm … sounds normal … the building use to be a church. Blasphemy !!! Yep we were plastered, wasted, happy as f*ck that night …. Thou I barely remember all the details I did remember going out for a smoke break and boy it was freezing cold. Girls were dressed to kill … or rather barely dress for the weather … long story short … you don’t need to look up to catch an up skirt …. Just look down and you will naturally see a panty shot since the mini skirt is above the panties.

Galway was a crazy stop that’s for sure … we never saw daylight in Galway …. reach there  in the evening … got some food … party …. woke up early and back on the bus to Dingle …

Martin asked two question in the morning ride after a while when people started waking up in the bus …

Everyone had fun yesterday night ??
( Respond of a crazy bus passengers screaming whoo hooo … or something along that line )

Did anyone get Lucky ??
( Silence, small giggles, laughter and many eye balling exchanges … smile )
The Gang Touring All Ireland

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