Monday, 16 December 2013

Tour Guided Traveling can be fun too while backpacking

My first experience of a minibus tour was way back in 2005 when I went to Scotland for a few days and ended up staying there for almost 10 days going on a Haggis Adventures… but that’s a story for another time …

Ireland had such a tour running around and if you are familiar with Contiki , or TopDeck then you would know it is not the usual Tour run company. So even on the first day itself in Ireland I  noticed the pamphlets and brochures along the hostel reception mainly Shamrocker Adventures

I was definitely becoming lazy for one … before seeing the brochures I was still cracking my head on which city to visit and how to get there … beautiful countryside country I had learned such as Scotland and Ireland cant be explored by public transportation … you need a car … or the next best thing … a minibus tour …. Now all I needed to do was sign up … and pay the fees of course …

The Hunt for the minibus tour Package Begins

After three days of searching I finally found a tour package. Always the trouble of not planning is that the timing will screw you up somehow. Yet if you did plan well one delay will screw you upside down. You choose

Paddywagon Tours
Well the first thing was radical travels partner Shamrocker had a full booking for the five days southern Ireland tour and I was left stranded with too many days in Dublin. By some wicked luck on Saturday I decided to book a three days tour next Friday only to find these people was not working.

Hence the hostel recommended  Paddywagon Tours which I did not knew exist. Their leaflet said max only 3 days but hola when I was about to book it over the counter at another place down the street grumbling about the short duration of the tour and how much time I had in Ireland … the lady plucked out a booklet from under the table with a whole list of tours available under Paddywagon with even a 10 days all Ireland tour.

Alas I settle for a 6 days all Ireland Tour and all gleeful to depart the next day 299 euro all inclusive except food.

So the generic itinerary  I got for the 6 Days was like the picture below following the red line

I’ll need few post to cover the entire trial and highlights

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