Thursday, 9 January 2014

Small Town Staines and a Hop to Windsor for THE LONG WALK - England

Windsor Castle
I had mixed feeling for Staines. My cousin and her husband picked me up at the Heathrow airport since that’s was where the bus from Salisbury stopped. Staines was a small town thou still quite chirpy with a mix of locals getting by. A town within an hour train ride of central London yet far enough to feel like a suburb.  Pit stop was a short one night before I head off to my next destination London.

Time was running fast … it felt somehow like the coming of an end to the adventure yet it also feels like the calm before the storm. I was about to leave for the next big leg … AMERICA … flight from London to New York … a whole new chapter in the travels … I was a tad bit nervous.

I skip hopped on the train for a short ride to Windsor. Windsor is a another small town just outside of London. The beauty of Windsor is the humongous castle in the middle which rose totally out of place. The royal line of England come from the House of Winsor apparently thou most tourist would only see the Buckingham Palace and not know of it.

Next to the castle was a park with the sign … THE LONG WALK … it was long alright and looked like one of those 1800 movies where people go for horse back rides or parades. The start of the walk comes from the castle and go on forever … I couldn’t see the end of the trail even till the horizon. Long indeed. Pheasant like me would enter from the side gate  during normal days but you could just imagine during a royal walk, that the side gates would be closed and only the Royals would enjoy the peace and quite walk.

The Long Walk - Windsor

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