Sunday, 5 January 2014

Taking a Bath in Bath

When I found out there was a town named Bath in England and that there was a natural hot spring there was no way I was going to miss that. How I determined my stops in the trips are not entirely random. First plot a route … point A to point B … in this case was Bristol to Stonehenge ….. If the journey takes forever … look for tiny pitstops to visit. Look at map and find towns along the way … that was how I discovered Bath.

I had my suspicion when I saw Bath on the Google maps and decided to check out the place a bit more. About an hour local bus ride from Bristol the journey was pleasing. Bath was definitely worth the detour even if just for the hot springs only.

There was a walking tour in Bath as is popular with all cities in Europe and I decided to join one just for cheep trills. This one was a good walking tour … Bath is beautiful with its Georgian Architecture, which the tour guide give detailed elaborate explanation of what a Georgian Architecture would look like. Intricate but at the same time should be of Harmony. Just slightly outside the city was the half moon crescent housing and many beautiful design township … but alas I was not paying attention to the talk but was just admiring the view ….I did understand that if viewed from the sky it would have looked like the Cross and the Moon symbolizing some sort of religion …
Bath - Heritage Building Hot spring

The Hot Spring was still active till today but no one actually Bath at the old building anymore. It was turned into a sort of museum / heritage area. They did give small amount of the hot spring water for people to drink or taste it and it was really rich with minerals giving the mouth a lingering after taste.

No entrepreneur would had left the hot spring to waste fortunately and had piped the water to a nearby building offering Thermal Spa. For 13 Pounds I got in thou I spend a bit more buying a swim pants for 15 pounds and renting a towel for 3 pounds. Two hours was the allocated time and you could go to the open pool rooftop , the indoor pool with bubbles or the steam room (it was not open at the time so the ticket was discounted to 13pounds) 

Two hours … to cure my flu with hot spring :)

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