Sunday, 16 February 2014

City of Dreams … New York - Manhattan

Supprise Photo Shot Capturing the Bird with Manhattan Background
New supprise when I found out my flight was bound for Newerk International airport since I thought it was suppose to be New York JFK. A bit outskirt small airport but most critically I had no idea how to get to the hostel from there. There was no information center hence no help, no map so I just hop onto a bus that said New York Times Square. The bus conductor gave me some pointers and drop us off rite at the heart of the city. Slow wondering about following the many neon advert I found the subway and took about half and hour to understand the system. Pretty simple thou they work all in numbers and alphabets so it was hard to remember where you are going. That was my first shock for I had never seen a more grid gridded city.

It was like when you play computer games and you can only build a house or building on a plot of land … and the green square mark shows its ok to build while the red shows not good cant build there because the land is curve  so it has to remain green forest …. America was just like that … superbly STRIAGHT AND BOXES. Plus the boxes are always the same size … like building a city on a chess board.

Liberty Island 

New York despite its ruggedness and dirty metropolitan city cramp never stopping heart pounding city it has a unique charm to it that I feel the understanding of the attraction it has on the world. Statue of liberty seems to have an deep effect on the Americans peoples history. The idea and concept of the French creator have change with time but only for the good. The uber unbelievable understanding that people gives their own interpretation is remarkable. Some say the French saw it as a friendship mark or reminded to the US that they played a part in obtaining their independence, some says it’s the symbol of liberty, freedom, and for many immigrant back in those days I guess it was hope. Hope for a New Life where everyone is equal … for the land is uncorrupted …. Not Yet ….

Ellis Island 

Ellis island was part of the liberty tour and I only knew that place from the movie Hitch. Nearly all Americans today can trace their ancestry to the immigrant ship manifest which pass though Ellis Island. For more than 200 years of independent its people has a remarkably young history compared to the world yet it’s a history full of feelings. It is impressive what they record in the USA. I feel proud that south east asia a much younger nations has progress faster than the US in terms of mind view. If only shows the next generations will always head the way. Let bygones be bygones

9/11 Memorial 

Too much things to write and no time to do it. The 9/11 memorial was a twin waterfall square on the actual site where the building once was. This is my view and feeling when I first saw it without anyone explaining the concept to me …  First fall gave me the impression of souls as the droplets was illuminated with lights, falling souls going away as were a tragedy. The first falls then swerve in a pool of water droopy like the life of a souls struggled to survive the brutal implosion of the building. As the choppy waters flows towards the middle second fall into pure darkness … thousands of souls were wash away on 9/11 . From the sky the memorial looks like two building just not up into the sky but downwards into another world and beyond. I thought whom design it gave one of the most meaningful and beautiful resting place for the people who died on that day. Next door the new world trade enter still under construction. Tall big proud but lacking depth. The word which is needed to explain its meaning often forgotten easily. It is when the objects require no explanation to move a heart that it is a masterpiece

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