Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Niagara Falls and Buffalo Wings

Buffalo it feels like a zombie town. Roads are like four lane and barely any cars around not many people walking about or almost none. No activities despite looking like a central business district with so much sky scraper. People if you know where to look are normally indoors hence my term of a zombie town. Its like a typical American abandon City due to lack of trade or work. One small consolidation is that they still attract tourist local and abroad due to Niagara Falls and of course Canadians. 

The waterfalls were spectacular as expected and worth visiting no matter what …. Even if you could only stand on the American Side. Apparently the view was much better from the Canadian side as you get a whole view in front instead of the sides….. So close to Canada yet I could not cross that bridge. it’s a shame but I still enjoyed every bit of the Niagara Falls. The thought did cross my mind to attempt crossing without a Visa ….

The funny thing that I notice was the amount of casino lined up on both sides of the river. It was like luring people over the boarder for their money literary. I stuck to the American side obviously . In short net earnings in buffalo was USD 80 not too bad for a start in the states I would say.

The Original Buffalo Wings

The Chicken Wings …. If you were wondering was delicious … why now I understand the menus calls them Buffalo Wings when it was actually Chicken Wings … Because the style was created in Buffalo. Deep Fried Chicken Wings with special Buffalo spicy sauce and a whole long thick celery by the side to ease that burning sensation was no joke.

I went into this brightly painted red restaurant Anchor Bar which says “Home of the Original Buffalo Chicken Wings”  and sat at the bar although most seats were empty. Some diners was around but then again it was nearly 2pm in the afternoon. The place was filled with vintage motorbikes everywhere hung up high and boy this restaurant could put Hard Rock to shame …..

The menu had lots of choice but one separate menu was there just for the Wings .. So I ordered the smallest portion 10 wings … and then came the selection of the sauce which (If I remember Correctly) 8 different levels of spiciness plus one Non-Spicy for Kids only. Each level had a special name for it which I could not remember so well … but I do remember the highest level was called SUCIDAL - If you Dare … I went for the Original Taste … definitely worth visiting …. Naturally I could not finish 10 Wings for lunch and packed 5 wings back to the hostel for my dinner that night.

Burning Time for a Midnight Bus

So last day in Buffalo and I am burning time waiting for midnight for the bus to Chicago. 10 more hours . Desperately resisting temptation to take a bus back to the falls just to visit the casino.

Well I did not manage to resist temptation and thou was now on the bus taking a forty minute ride just to reach the casino at Niagara. Never had I done that in this whole fucking trip. Always it has been it was jus there within walking distance well an not on a purposely travel just to go gambling. Reasons for my crazy detour was partly because Buffalo on a Sunday was way too boring . It really is a ghost town. As one local that asked me for a cig said. No one ever come to this shithole.

So off to lala land and almost lost everything at one point. Did not even had dinner which is why now I am sitting waiting for a midnight bus to Chicago 12 hours journey with only a snack at 1030 pm. The good part was I won another USD 250 from my scary excursion to the casino

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