Sunday, 27 April 2014

Did Man Really Walked On the Moon ??

Why did I came to Houston of all places …. Well central America was really tough for backpackers as far as I could tell but it was worth exploring. After traveling for a while I got sick of the standard touristy stuff , the standard backpackers stuff, hence getting to the more secluded road was an adventure of a kind.

Houston was one of the very few places that I had fixed on my mind to visit when I first started the journey 5 months back. Why ? Well because of an old friend that I had not seen in over a decade was there. Modern technology is amazing … how you can keep in touch or rather keep track or stalk your friends nowadays on facebook makes it almost impossible to disconnect once you are connected …. and  don’t get be started on that “you can always un-friend people” shit for unless you want to burn bridges seldom a friend become un-friend. Heck some people on my face book I struggle to remember how I know them but they are still “Friends” on my page. 

Well back to the story .. So my friend was tracking my progress steadily across the world and leaving comments on my photo posting and every now and then the question will pop.

When will you get here … Houston ??

Well ever since I touchdown New York …. I had Radio Silence …. Still I went to Houston anyway and never ever saw my long lost friend … so I explored Houston on my own


I now get why NASA built their base in Houston …. The Houston was huge … This was a flat city as far as I could tell and people built outwards instead of upwards. Problem was for a traveler … means you cant see much unless you research it online first.

NASA was a no brainer so I goggled my way there and joined in the tour … like any other science museum it was but a tad bit more cooler as we actually get to walk through a glass corridor fully escorted to see the actual people working inside the base. The guides gave lots of information but I was just a wide eyed little boy looking at spaceships.

Did Man Really Walk On the Moon ?

One smart old chap asked the guide …. And I couldn’t help smiling … He had a whole conspiracy theory that it was all a hoax. The video taping was held on earth supported with wires for long jumps which could not be seen due to the poor vid tech during those days. Everything was pre recorded and all America had to do was launch up into the sky where everyone could see and play a fake video and come back down to earth a hero … Who was there to quality check that it was real anyway other than NASA :) Heck I google it later and I guess its still there. The answer the guide gave …

Trust me … Its Real :)

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