Sunday, 13 April 2014

Rock & Roll, Hooter’s and Coyote Ugly in Memphis

Memphis was like a small rollercoaster. It really remind me how big the states really are. First was the bus ride from Chicago which was delayed for an hour and arrived at the new bus stop in Memphis outside of town near the airport. The direction for the hostel or motel as I found out later was outdated as they said it was less than two blocks away. The only thing I saw outside the bus station was road and the airport tower. I chance it and took a local bus heading downtown and tried finding the hostel with only its address. I found it at the wrong address but same street and it was a motel … cheapest room was USD 72 that night including tax 

It was the first time that advance internet research had failed me ….

Hence Memphis became the most expensive place in the states for me so far. I had a kings bed in a motel to myself with my personnel bathroom. One night was all I had in Memphis, still it was worth the trip down.

The birthplace of Elvis Presley, funny thing was I was curious to see the birthplace of Elvis and all the great musicians inspiration yet I never bothered to step foot to his home and see his grave … I mean Memphis felt like a magical place for beauty in music with the rustic feel of the town, the quiet streets like backwater county and inside every pub / bar or place was a lively jingle with deep meaningful songs, not those pop bands that they play on radio … songs were always selected and used like an identification of ones souls.
Baele St

If you get asked by a new friend / stranger of what kind of music you like … it almost felt like your soul type was being judged.

Still wherever they was a significant story there will always be a tourist place … so I became a tourist with a time limit and rush to see all that I could. The only lively street in Memphis was Beale St… and of all the bars and pub and live music they offered I decided for the one and only night I had there to visit two places which made no sense at all. Hooters & Coyote Ugly


I probably could had visited more meaningful places … no idea why I choose these two to go in and explore. Now, I had never been into a Hooters place even back in Singapore so I went in quietly sat and asked for the menu. Great smiles on the girls in tight white tops with dipping neck line and hot pants revealed a voluptuous body despite fully clothed. These girls knew their assets and was ready to use them.

So what would you like ? , the waitress asked

She was smiling so big and genuine I thought it was nice till she decided to elbow herself up the high table I was sitting to gain some height since she was short and nicely plonk her two boobs onto the table, squeeze them with  her elbows innocently and lean forward with her big grin and winking eyes teasing me … I had no idea how to react but awkwardly blushing. So I ordered, got my food …. More teasing in between bites of my food which I noted was on purpose … so this was the famous hooters … one could get use to being serve like this … alas dreamland did not come cheap …. I left with a generous tip and a chuckle out the door

Coyote Ugly

The second stop of the night after dinner was coyote ugly …. Now that I think back the original was not even in Memphis …. It was in New York … but I did not know it at the time. Only reason I went in was for I remembered the chick flick of a movie in the same name.

The bar was long and wide, plenty of space for girls to dance on them and the pub was way too empty or rather too big for the crowd. There was a decent group and surprisingly it wasn’t all guys there to gawk at the bartender girls … most were there with their girlfriends and wife and even group of girls.

The highlight was of course bar top dancing and lip synching but I was amazed on how these girls was actually pulling up the customers onto the bar top to join them … always girls only of course … boyfriend can watch and eventually guilted into buying a body shot off his own girlfriend. Aha … so that was the trick …

It was not a place for the hungry boys craving for flesh …. It was actually a place for girls to show off their confidence and independence … you cant of course show off without an audience :)

and my lousy poem in malay which i wrote when in memphis as a closing note to this post .... 

Berjaya - jalan mencari diri
Meneroka bumi sendiri
Kalau boleh nak peroleh kematangan
Mimpi mimpi tak jadi Kenyataan.

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