Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Cursing Fever #$%& - Macau

How was Macau ? Friends asked when I got back

F*cking Dangerous , I replied …

The place was pretty save actually where one could stroll out at night without a thought but I was referring to the Casino’s and Gambling which can be a dangerous venture to those who cant control themselves.

So my friend and I, two buddies somehow cursing work and getting itchy feet to go gambling one day in the blue booked a flight ticket for 5 days in Macau. Why fly to gamble when I could do it right here in Singapore …. Well my friend was a PR and refused to pay the SGD 100 levy to enter, so a Gambling Trip was planned …. 

5 Days ??? …. You gonna be broke when you get back , other friends said … So as the dates came closer we were starting to feel 5 Days was way too long … too dangerous … hence a trip across to Hong Kong was devised but that is not part of this story.

3 Full Days in Macau it ended up and we hit countless Casino in Macau … total number we couldn’t remember but it was more than 30 for sure. The Venetion , City of Dreams, Wynn, MGM, Lisboa, all the grand names but more of the unglamorous casino was where the fun begins. We notice immediately the favorite game was Baccarats, too many Baccarats ….

We ended up playing mostly BlackJacks in Macau and if there is one thing you need to learn before Gambling in Macau is to bloody CURSE in Cantonese. For some higher cosmos power people curse for any reason they could find and they will curse your whole bloody family down to four generation and more if given the slightest chance

In summary the reason’s for cursing
( All this was in Cantonese and I was laughing away at the stupidity of cause )

1. Curse the electronic roulette machine for not dropping the ball on the number you wan
2. Curse for repeating number ( Impossiburu )
3. Curse the slots for not hitting jackpot ( Play forever also never hit Jackpot )
4. Curse for not pushing (Tie) no money won - no money lose
5. Curse the dealer for getting 21
6. Curse the Anchor for drawing a card in blackjack ( Why you Draw !!! )
7. Curse the Anchor for NOT drawing a card in blackjack ( Why you never Draw!!!)
8. Curse the players for winning
9. Curse the players stupid for losing money
10. Curse the players for not listening to advice ( advice given after the game ended )
11. Curse the players for listening to others advice and losing the game
12. Curse the Casino
13. Curse all nationality and race ( If you are white, black, banana, chocolate, yellow, makes no difference … since you are difference anyway …. Prepare to be cursed)
14. Curse the Miracle ( Impossible I won money #$% & )
15. Curse when others curse others ….. ( just join in the fun )
16. Curse the noob ( #$%& dunnu how to play also can Win )

I am quite sure there was more than the 16 items I listed … add your curse experience in comments if any of you have ever encountered this in Macau :)

#$%& … must be a stressful place indeed ....

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