Sunday, 11 May 2014

Meeting Up An Old Friend & Fellow Traveler - Denver - Boulder

This adventure started way way back early in the beginning of my trip when I met Scruffy in Florence. It all started from *Smoking* in Florence .

I had mixed feelings hopping off the bus at Denver. The plan was to check in the hostel in Denver spend two nights visiting Denver then head out to Boulder to visit and bunk with Scruffy. Was Scruffy still the same Scruffy that I knew back in Florence … how well do I actually know this guy …. A few days in a hostel in Florence and suddenly I could trust him ??? Then again Scruffy may have the exacts same thoughts of this weird Asian dude that was coming to bunk with him ….. I knew I was being paranoid … luckily I was still in Zen mode from Albuquerque

SMS to scruffy stating that I was in Denver and will come by two days later. Before I know it my phone was ringing and he was in the car on the way to pick me up. Heck I had paid for the hostel. Hence that was the first time I paid for a hostel but never stayed there … luckily I manage to get one night refunded …

I ended up never staying in Denver as Scruffy picked me up that evening and drove straight to boulder. I did manage to catch a quick glimpse of Denver for a few hours a brief one ….

Scruffy and his Buddy graciously bunk me at their place for four days and it was worth all the trouble de touring to meet up a fellow old friend. It surprising how nice it was talking to someone that was once part of your crazy adventure and it sure bring back wonderful memories of Florence. Now I cant wait to reach Korea just so I could link back with *Puppy Eyes* and share stories again

City of Denver

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