Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My First Time Snowboarding - Colorado Boulder

2nd Day in Boulder was a blast. Woke up kinda late but we had snow overnight and me and Scruffy was going snowboarding. Check the website and El Dora Ski Pass had a foot of fresh snow overnight. I was definitely excited to try snowboarding.

Scruffy was a badass teacher in a way. Thought me how to smoke weed and now snowboard. Scruffy manage to get a free ski-pass for me as well from his workplace which saved me like USD 60. I had to rent things I don’t have though but I was prepared to spend the money anyway. Snowboards , Shoes cost about USD 50 plus a USD 20 good pair of socks.

All gear up and board set to be Goofy … I was Goofy bwahahaha … …apparently for new first timers they would check out if you were a right footer or left footer. Left footer is called Goofy ….  now trust Scruffy my badass teacher to start me off with a course which said no beginners. It was almost two miles going down marked as a intermediate course - blue.

The first challenge was getting onto the chair was easy. The second was jumping off the chair when you reach the top as the gondola does not stop. I manage to slide a few meters and did not fall. Strap up and it was either learn to snowboard quick or tumble down all the way. No one to help you. Only one way down. First ten minutes I was stuck with no control I was steered slowly but surely towards the trees. Figuring how to get up with two feet strap onto a board after falling was also a big challenge which suck all the strength away.

The first half hour I was like a worm crawling myself away from the trees, trying to get up, falling and even vomited once probably from the altitude sickness. I was so tired cold and was having problems with moving and since I was not that flexible getting up was a pain in the ass. First run was the hardest … eventually I got my self away from the trees and slowly slowly started snowboarding down.

5m … fall … 10m … fall … 20 m …. fall and suddenly I could stay on the board going down for a very very long time. I have learned how to snowboarded in 1 hour approximately

Amazing was what Scruffy said …. Not a pro … but still amazing

Second try and I decided to tone done one level of difficulty … this time I could go all the way done …. With a few falls in between …. It was awesome.

Scruffy split up with me going for the extreme hard route and meeting me halfway down. Third run Scruffy thought I was too tired too for it but apparently the adrenalin rush gave me enough strength to go one more round. I went solo on a different route this time and half way down the blizzard came in. everything was white and I almost couldn’t see where I was going. Somehow I made it to the base.

Setting my ass in the car … I was shivering , dizzy and super tired …. Bwahahaha …. Best day in Boulder J

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