Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Longest Bus Ride To Albuquerque - New Mexico

The price I had to pay for the impulsive detour to New Orleans to see Mardi Gras was a 28 hours bus ride to Albuquerque New Mexico. After Nearly 24 hours of no sleep the idea actually sounded good but I forgot that a bus is a bus … not a bed

This is taking forever … was one of my entry into my journal ….

I manage to survive 28 hours of bus ride somehow stepping off the bus at Albuquerque, although some people that I met on the bus was doing a 3 days non stop ride from the east to the west of America. Well non-stop does not really mean non stop since you practically hitch from one grey hound bus to another on main key bus ports. After all how many tickets could you sell for a three days non stop bus ride ?

So I went into zen mode … Sleep, wake up, check the time, sleep, bus break = toilet break + smoke break + snacks = back to sleep on the bus

Of course in between I had the games and comics I could play on my small little smartphone since they had wifi in the bus and a power point charger just next to your seat …. Oh yeah this was a luxury bus Greyhound … although it really depends on your luck if their bus is a new one or old …. (without) but after awhile … you start to just stare out the window.

You know those scene on TV where they show a lone person staring out the window of a bus deep in thought … I felt like one of em. I was at the peak of my meditation … nothingness  

As I got off at Albuquerque I saluted the guys  goodbye who was on another 2 days journey to San Fran

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