Thursday, 28 August 2014

Aloha Mahalo - Hawaii

Hawaii - Waikiki Beach
Aloha Hawaii. This place used to be like a dream vacation when I was young. Paradise was the word with all the television marketing and ultimate honeymoon destination it was a place I dream off yet did not even know where it was on the map. Not to forget the huge wave and surfing. Well I made it almost back to Asia now.

First impression of Hawaii …. Could be better. These was when I notice an extraordinary amount of Japanese tourist and lots of Japanese translation as well. The Hawaii island is huge and is actually a multiple of island but right now I am stuck on the tourist track. Dilemma question is weather to run the marathon and do everything of just chill and enjoy the quiet time

Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbour is really something. In a word it’s the excuse USA needed to join the war. Their first taste of power. After that as the largest superpower in the world they feel obligated to join in every war and dispute they can find even if it does not concern them.

Vietnam woke them up but once you tasted the fruits its hard to quit. Still there were good people within all the bad. People who believed they were trying to end the war. In the end there is no winners in a war. The memorial was slightly bias thou they tried very hard to walk the fine line and paint the picture as neutral as they could not blaming anyone too heavily. The mighty ho called the Missouri memorial was a battleship full of history.

The surrender of Japan was done or signed on the Missouri Battleship marking the end of WWII

Of the whole ship guided tour the tearful story of a kamikaze Japanese fighter pilot who crash on the ship and died. Not much damage was done but the amazing thing was he was buried at sea by the Americans navy with full honour by order of the captain. Respect was given not to hate to the enemy whom was willing to die for his country and believes.

Missouri Battleship

Diamond Head Peak

Diamond head hike was a nice morning walk. Thou they said it was a hike it was more like a long walk. Looking back it was really high but the gradual climb did not make it that difficult. The crater was amazing and the view breathtaking.

North Shore Adventure

North shore adventure day became east shore exploring due to reports of strong winds and gust. Well I was just glad it took off coz planning another day on what to do was not on my list. Sit back enjoy the ride for the day was the plan. The view and just strolling around Oahu was definitely worth the trip. I had to get out of Waikiki. Too touristy

I know I

probably should be enjoying Hawaii more but so close back to home … maybe the homesickness finally set in

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