Monday, 1 September 2014

The Backpacker Became the Tourist ….. Seoul …. Land of the Soul …. Korea

It was something of a welcome to be back in the Asian part of the world where all the people don’t immediately look at you and single you out as an outcast. Of course this only last as long as you don’t try to start a conversation since I don’t know Korean hence immediate labeling as tourist.

Seoul was the one and only stop where my parents decided to crash and hijack the trip. So I met them there and toured around Seoul and somewhere partway we ended up in Jeju island as well. As I thought that the trip was crashed I wouldn have to do much planning but alas I forgot that parents expect you to plan things for them …. Luckily planning things on the go for 6 months running give you some basic survivor tips

Emergency Tour Tips

Tip 1. Just go straight to the nearest tourist information booth you can find and pick out a day tour or 2 days or 3 days (however much days you have) and just pay the money … the rest is just tune out and enjoy the ride

Tip 2. Declare today as No Map Day …. Walk Walk Walk around and whatever will be will be …
(note: be careful if you need toilet break for walking far far away can get a little tricky with toilet issue)

Tip 3. Hire the Tout. I Don’t recommend this but sometime if your USD/GBP/YEN/etc money is just big enough … especially in some parts of south east asia …. The tout may actually be worth hiring in your point of view …. A few extra dollars for a personalized tour guide Dedicated to Boot

It helps if you have money to spend I guess … yet I have manage to self-entertain myself thought my travels with very little spending.

So I used all the three above and somehow manage to scrape an itinerary together in 2 hours …. Spend one day in Seoul with walking around …. Popping out the maps at urgent times only …. Used tip 1 on 2nd day in Jeju Island and manage to get a day tour by your very own friendly neighborhood taxi driver recommended by the tourist information center and in the middle of the trip by taxi got touted to detour to other places as well …. Hola ….

I am now a tourist in Korea …. Sightseeing …. I guess I will have to come back again to see the actual heartbeat of Seoul ….

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