Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Stumbling Across Macleen

Journey from Sydney to Yamba seams easy enough. Hop onto the Greyhound bus in Sydney and it drops right in front of the YHA Yamba hostel. The YHA hostel is quite good, I guess they have a standard to maintain unlike all those self-set up hostel. Still YHA hostel are not cheap and can get quite pricy.

Teddy Bear tied to a Tree .... Almost look like a Koala
So with any new place starts with walking exploring. Yamba is a really really small town. I was trying to walk to the outskirts area of Yamba …. really really far … almost 8miles I think when I gave up. On the way back I saw a public bus … WTF … did not see any bus for the last one hour and now I saw a bus.
Talking to the nice bus driver lady she told me that the bus goes all the way to Grafton through Macleen. I asked her which was the bigger town and she said Grafton. I was about to buy the ticket when she told me the price for a return ticket was AUD 23. Way too far away that was but the ticket to Macleen was AUD 12. Why not …. The blind bus explorer journey.
Macleen had a few nice knicks to it such as the teddy bears hanging on a tree from the folks that are trying to conserve part of what’s left of Macleen town. You would be lucky if you see one person that is not from Australia in Macleen. A traditional Australian fishing village is what Macleen is and a very cosy one as well. Some big shop are there such as Harvey Norman and a huge supermarket but other than that is pretty quiet.  

My luck of the day was going into the fish shop and got myself a nice fish and chips for AUD 9. The fish was a very delicious red snapper thick and fresh and a bunch of chips to go with it.

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