Saturday, 18 October 2014

Walking from Sydney Airport to Wolli Creek Station

As I pass the immigration checkpoint into the airport lounge I remembered how nervous and excited I was back in 2011 during my first departure to Greece Athens. This time the nervous part seamed to calm down but the excitement seem to follow as well.
To pick up the challenge I decided to google cheap way to the city from the airport. 2km walk to the nearest local subway instead of taking the airport express train. Weather was beautiful on a Thursday morning with sun up at about 15 degrees Celsius. I can do that walk, I thought … backpack was 8.4 kg while the side pack was 4.4kg.
It’s good to be back to a colder climate country … people like me from the tropics are always boiling … I don’t particularly like too cold but ‘teens’ weather was always the best. Walk walk walk … boy is that 2km really far … I was not lost since I ask many locals the way to the train station every 100 meters. Australian folk’s first impression was good. They actually help guide me to the train station … problem was … every time I ask I get another sets of instructions that doesn’t match the previous one.
Guide :
When you exit the international airport after collecting luggage go out the front door. The shuttle bus or busses should be on the right side and directly in front there is a huge ass multi-story car park which also serve as a pick up point at the ground level. Cross the road and head towards the car park and skirt towards the right side of the car park towards Marsh St. Problem is you won’t know its Marsh St. Look out for a small sign on the red building behind the car park indicating the direction to March St. All these are on pedestrian foot path only.
Here is the tough one … once you have cleared the big car park and one red building you would see a highway … walk straight under it then make a right turn and climb the stairs onto the bridge-highway. U-Turn and walk over the bridge –highway. There is a proper large footpath so it’s good to walk. In fact lots of people jog and cycle there.
At the end of the bridge you will need to turn right onto the park that is adjacent to the large ass pond. Go into the park and just walk along the pond till the end.
Another tricky part now … when at the end of the pond … turn LEFT … you should be walking along with the traffic flow not against. First traffic light and turn right and you are now on the road to the train station. You should also be able to see trains passing by but not the station which is just round the corner of the building.
Good Luck Hunting 
About 1 hour walk since I was doing it slowly due to the long-time of unused muscle carrying that backpack … I finally manage to get to the train station – Wolli Creek. Ticket to the city was AUD 4.60.


  1. Are these instructions still current as of January 2018? Many thanks

    1. Hi Linda ... I have no idea really ... At time of writing it was Dec 2014