Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Bad Hostel Experience

Time spend in Agnes Waters recuperating was a good break from the hectic travel. 3 Nights I stayed at the southern cross backpackers and boy was it a shity hostel. I guess that’s what’s happen when a hostel are run by backpackers themselves. All backpackers always wants a good hostel, hot shower, clean room, large fully stocked kitchen, hi speed internet, power point everywhere, free shuttle, free stuff, good bed, lockers and everything else you can think off. We lot can be very demanding for the little money that we pay.

First off they would asked us (just arrived) to get off the bus to wait for the next bus so the staff could go back first. Some of the others was offended and told them off and they receded reluctantly and waited for the next bus. Next was the shuttle. A hostel that is so far away from town with nothing in between has a shuttle service. But the reliability of the shuttle is a mystery.
Once the shuttle bus is full, and normally full of the more permanent base tenant it would just leave, and the rest of us poor travellers are stranded. I got left behind twice because the bus decided to leave earlier than the stated time. One time they drop me off and nearly drove off with my backpack still in the car. One time it did not leave on time for it needed to wait 15 minutes for a permanent base tenant. Oh the jealousy of the abused privilege.
However all this could be forgiven, until the last day when I was checking out at 930 am. Check out time was 10 am and as everyone know in Agnes Waters the greyhound bus does not leave till 9pm at night, they were charging AUD 5 for a day stay in the hostel. I nicely told the girl that I was leaving the hostel on the 12 pm bus and I will be rid of them, backpack and everything. The reception girl said I had to leave by 10 am or else I need to pay. So it’s check out and get booted out.
For a hostel that is so far far away, not the cheapest by the way, infested by mosquito, kitchen that is overcrowded by long stay residence, wifi that barely works, rooms that do not have locks, all I could say is …. All could be forgiven …. If only the staff working there behave more professionally.

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