Saturday, 1 November 2014

First Time Surfing in Yamba

I was glad that I did not succumb to all the tour packages in Sydney and hence I would have found the perfect spot to learn how to surf. Yamba. Yamba YHA Hostel I stayed for two night and they had surfing events in the mornings every Tuesday and Thursday. For first time surfers like me it was perfect for they not only teach you how to surf, they also provided the boards and also the wetsuits all for just AUD 10.

Tanner Beach in Yamba
The best part about surfing in Yamba is that it’s not as crowded as the other places such as surfers paradise or Byron bay and yet it had plenty of beaches to choose from and oh the waves oh the waves. The waves were beautiful uniform and nice and plenty on all sizes. While we beginners were trying out in waist deep waters with 2 feet waves the pros were duking it out further out where it was nearly 4 feet high and having over break at tipping point too.
Surfing wasn’t easy but the basics were quite simple. Lie on the board …. Paddle paddle paddle , position leg standby for standing … catch a wave and somehow ….. just somehow … find that strength to push yourself up and swing that leg into full standing position. I manage to stand on the first try too …. Must be a lucky one that was since I could not repeat what I so easily done the first time for the next 20 or so times.
Still standing and just riding that waves … It was an amazing 5 seconds of my life ….
“Now which foot is your dominance foot ?” asked the teacher …
I knew the answer to this and said left foot although I kick a ball with the right foot. Must be like snowboarding rite …. Goofy. Apparently it’s the same concept whatever it is so maybe that’s why I could stand up on the first try, still it was a tiring sport and not really for the happy go lucky me who just wanna try it out.
It’s amazing seeing how easy they do it and how fun it looks with all the waves moving about but most of the time the concentration that it took us beginers to just focus, paddle paddle paddle, catch that wave, try to stand up and repeat all over again and the freaking cold of the waters despite the wetsuit just makes it more appreciative of the guys who makes it look easy. 
Dun even get me started on the falls and bruises I got from surfing ….

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