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The World of Ninbin in Australia

Map of Ninbin
Nimbin was stone cool. All I can say is that if you every visit Australia … treat Ninbin like a separate country within Australia. The people here lives a different lifestyle that don’t reflect the modern culture of a first world country. In fact I thought I was in one of those epic fantasy wheel of time village where everyone was bizarrely strange and cool at the same time. Hippy culture is associated with Nimbin and so is Gypsy.

The place itself is quite safe despite everyone there with an awkward personality and style. Chill is not even a good word to describe Nimbin. Stone Cool would me my word but then it looks like everyone is stoned high. The people are friendly to such that they welcome you into the family very openly yet somehow I felt still like an outsider. It is very hard to describe Ninbin but all I could tell is that while a joint is being rolled and pass around, everyone is family.
Bus shuttle into Nimbin and I got the 5 second safety briefing.
1.       Nimbin is in the province of New South Wales
2.       Everything is illegal in New South Wales ...
3.       If you see something you like … you can either buy it or just say no and no one will bother you further.
4.       The end
A single street not even 100 meters long was all there was to Ninbin. The museum that used to be there was burnt down and along the way there was this Ninbin rock that is considered sacred to the aboriginal of Australia so it’s protected. Apparently it’s where boys go to become men. Girls are not allowed near the rocks and there are no tours there … yet. 
The tourist information center gave me a free map printed black and white on a piece of A4 paper and circled two things on the map.
Ninbin High Herbs Shop
Ninbin Arts Shop ( with the 5 leaved grass as a symbol )
Much can be said about the experience in Ninbin but the most memorable one would be Bob from Ireland. Bob stays in Brisbane and he was just down in Ninbin for the night. He brought a hell a lot of 'grass' to the hostel and straight to monkey corner (the nickname for the smoker corner hut) he was. I was just alone there at monkey corner quietly daydreaming in the comfy hammock and he sat down with his dinner.
After dinner is when it got crazy. First group was a bunch of campervan guys and girls … 4 French and 2 Auzzie which just joint in and was looking for 'grass'. They were about to go into town and asked Darrell if he thinks there would still be people selling 'grass' at this time. The sun had set and all Darrell said was “here roll this” and chuck a big bag of 'grass' onto the table. Help yourself he said.
We all thought it was just curtesy weed for the first joint but Darrell kept rolling them and kept passing them on. He was like a man on a mission. Getting high alone was no fun and he was out to get everyone sitting at that corner stoned dead as well. First group left after a while since they were high as f*ck and wanted to get more 'grass' went into town looking. I guess they figure they would need more than what Darrell had since his was running out but then they never came back.
The second group was Irish and British and they immediately asked the same question that the first group did. “Do you know if there would be people selling 'grass' at this time?” … it was nearly 9 pm and since he asked me all I said was I dunnu. They wanted to buy some off me but I said I don’t have any. Everything I was smoking was from Darrell. They offered to buy some from Darrell but he just rolled up another joint and pass it on again. I was too high at that point and mostly pass on the joint without smoking it
The jap boys came when the crowd soften up but it was bed time for me then … too dam high. Stood up and almost fell down, and although I did not feel drunk I could not walk straight at all. Nor could I do anything with any speed. Everything was super slow motion ….
Ninbin is stone cool …..
Man on a Roof Chilling - Ninbin


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