Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Favourite Place in Auckland

Auckland. There are many things to do in the city and tons of things to distract you and confuse you by the tourist information centre but my favourite time was walking up One Tree Hill amid all the crazy chaos.

Written in guide books and when researched in Wikipedia it was well known that the volcanic crater is at One Tree Hill with spectacular view of greater Auckland. Still when I arrive in Auckland all the map I got was partial, compacted into only downtown Auckland and all the information was to bring you elsewhere, skydiving, quad biking, island hopping, whale watching, anything but telling you about One Tree Hill.
One Tree Hill is a in between everything and high up where one can see the Greater Auckland. I could also see both sides of the sea (east and west) and it was a perfect place for a picnic. Most guide book will tell you to rent a car to get there but I would advise for savvy travellers with plenty of time to get the proper map from the big tourist information centre downtown. Ask for the big one greater Auckland and the bus route will show that for an easy NZD 4 from downtown one can take it all the way to the foot of the hill and thereafter a nice stroll/hike to the top.

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