Monday, 8 December 2014

Traveling with Random Strangers - Road trip North of Auckland and Coromandel peninsular

Picture of an House on A Truck at Orewa
So this was new even for me. Sending emails to random strangers to meet up and travel together splitting all the cost was something I had never tried before. The fears I had was various and ridicules at the same time and it’s worth a list below … 
In No particular order
Rob the poor bastards!
The one is a real worry. You never know who lurks at the internet seeking new victims. Travel buddy, sure lets go …. Rent a car so and so and after three days when everyone is comfortable with each other that’s when you hit em.
Could you look after this bag for me while I go to the toilet?
Sure …. I’ll look after it for you …. Maybe drive the car away as well just to get a head start and screw your life up.
Live in a Scary Movie
This may seem paranoid but I did consider this for a moment. If I were to claim a new name, no credit cards, no ID but have cash to travel with …. Maybe just maybe in the Quinten woods free campsite a serial murder / kidnapper / rape / torture / ( put in worst nightmare ) may come to life
Seriously … Travellers is the best victims ….
Who The Fuck You think you are
The people you travel with are random so you never know if you get a racist, homosexual, stuck up, kind, whiny, bitchy, arrogant, happy go lucky, high, or whatever sort of weirdos out there. Things I know for sure …. Most times it won’t be your best travel mate. If it were that easy I wouldn’t be travelling solo. But although not the best, should be ok enough to travel with for a week.
If it doesn’t works out just split up ….
Meet me Here Stupid ….
Now if your own friends back home can leave you hanging at the bar or an appointment and never show up, then there is 99% the random stranger will ditch you the first moment he has a better deal. Especially when offered a better deal. Sends two request for traveling buddy. One says splits cars 50/50 while the other is free.
Good bye suckers …. I won’t even bother telling you I’ll ditch and since you don’t know my face and my email is specifically annoyoumously set up for travel there is no way you can get back at me.
I was a little worried I’ll be stud up …. And suddenly a last minute plan will have to kick in.
The Rules
Let’s set something clear …. I snore …. I’m vegetarian .... I need a proper toilet everyday …. I need internet everyday …. I wanna go here and you guys are gonna follow else out of the car with you …. I don’t like paying for anything more than 10 bucks …. I have no money …. I only speak French …. Fuck me ….
Sitting down at that table listening to the newly form group listing down the rules and picks and fancy … I silently told myself …. It’s only a week … it’s only a week ….
Still it was an interesting way of travel. The only thing I could say is that travelling cheap is alright but travelling dirt cheap …. Is pointless …. Go earn your money and travel …. Skipping things just because of a few dollars makes no sense …. A quote I remember below which just blew my mind away ….
“In America all museums are free so why do I need to pay to enter a museum overseas?? It’s insane ” 
I SAY .... Travel with an open mind …. Else you never leave your home ….

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