Sunday, 4 January 2015

Eating at a Locals House. Pisco Elqui of Valle de Elqui

What did I know about this place? I came here on a whim due to a fellow traveller recommendation and it was in the middle of nowhere, superbly small and beautiful, plantation in the valley of the Andes Mountains but still pretty high up that the sun would burn you without warning and worst of all I had no idea if there was a hostel or not in this place.

Normally I would at lease research the place just to set up a backup plan but this time I had none for the internet says there is no Hostel. Walking up the road where the bus drop me off I saw some locals.
‘Hostal’ I asked?? …… pointed up the road …..
Phew I was saved, there is a hostel at lease so I walked on and saw the first sign ‘Kristen Hostel’. Check in - I felt a relieved that I would be able to relax after a long overnight bus ride from Valparaiso, avoiding trouble from the securidad and another 2 hours bumpy ride on a microbus.
Pisco Elqui was very small, you could see the entire town in less than 10 minutes and easily wondered into the next town walking and the next and the next and suddenly you are very far away from the starting point. Other than tours there is not much to do. Stargazing at night became my favourite past time in Pisco Elqui for it was so high up in elevation and had one of the most clearest non polluted sky in the world.
Google Say: - Southern Cross … look for the brightest start that form a cross …
There was just too many stars and all of them was bright as hell …. Too bad my crappy camera phone can’t capture any of this … just have to burn it into memory, or a blog.
Things I Found in Pisco Elqui
The first thing after dumping my bag in the hostel I had to venture out for food. Walking down the street a suspicious looking guy hanging around at the junction move in to block my way and started talking (in Spanish). I think I have perfected my blur look by now and the locals would know when I had no clue what they were saying. The guy was persistence and out came the sign language and I could finally make out what he was saying …. Food ??? Lunch ???
Do not follow a suspicious looking guy that offer you food …..
That would be my advice to fellow traveller but then again I did the exact opposite and follow him thinking he would bring me to a restaurant. He brought me to a normal looking house and pointed at his shutter door which had a piece of paper stuck onto it …. Comida it said which means Food in Spanish and a price tag of 1500 peso. Into a stranger house I followed, must be the too long bus ride that my head was messed up but I was glad for he was genuinely selling me …. Lunch ….
Sat down in the family dining room, his mother I think came out and started scooping things out of the pot preparing my meal. Warm smiles and many question in Spanish but most I could not understand.
Chino? He pointed and asked ,,,,, No I said ….. Malaysia … Ahhhhh …. That was the most conversation we had …
So that’s was how I found out in Chile people sell food out of their home with simple notices place outside their house. After that in every city in Chile that I go I would hunt for a cheap local food in family homes.
Superbly Local ….

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