Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Place to Chill Out - Iquique , Chile

Iquique is a beautiful town where the Andes Mountain steeps all the way to the sea. The coastal line was beautiful waves for surfers and lot of people just hang around the beach sun bathing, playing football, beach tennis, skating along the boardwalk, cycling, running … a beautiful, muin bonito place to relax.

Sunset at Iquique
Should I visit Iquique?
When I asked this question numerous times most answers I got was that there was nothing to do there but the beach is beautiful. I decided to trust my tired sore gut and give Iquique a try and was rewarded with a lovely place to just chill back and relax.

Iquique however is not a town I would call nothing to do there. There is surfing which the waves looks best in the evening and uniform, Paragliding which looks amazing as they fly from the top of the Andes Mountain all the way down to the beach for at least 30 minutes in the air, Duty free shopping which was awkward as the Mall was huge as hell and sell the most bizarre compilation of junk I have ever seen in one shopping mall, Downtown and some nice old building to walk around, a casino, and a safe compact city to explore. My favourite pastime was just going to the beach at sunset.
Most people go on a day trip to the Ghost Town nearby but I would say Iquique is a good place to stop and lay back awhile after a long travel.

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