Saturday, 7 February 2015

Cusco the Tourist City of Peru

Cusco is a tourist city true and true. It is way too easy to get proper traveling gear or travel information and with a price that is not cut throat either. Rather I would say it is cheaper to shop in Cusco and stock up on anything you need such as sleeping bag, winter gear, poncho, expensive fancy outdoor gear, rolling tobacco and anything travel related you can think off.

Most people stop by Cusco En-route to Machu Pichu and usually get stuck in Cusco way longer than they planned for the city has so much to offer from day trips to Scared Valley, Archaeological sites, Monuments and Neo classical building merged with Inca foundations, to good food, and plenty of high quality handmade crafts that makes souvenir shopping irresistible
Sacsayhuaman ( Sexy Woman )
Right in Cusco one can see on top of the hill which is the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman or when tourist pronounce it, Sexy Woman. One could only imagine how these people transferred the huge rocks up the hill and build the structure. It cost 70Sols to enter the site after a steep climb from the main square of Cusco but there is a back entrance.
Cristo Blanco
Looking up just to the right side of Sacsayhuaman one can see the Cristo Blanco (White Christ) standing tall and guarding the city of Cusco. Aiming for Cristo Blanco following the even steeper steps one will come about Sacsayhuaman from the side and a higher vantage point. From here you can observed the ticket booth and the whole of Sacsayhuaman which is huge and the back entrance which people just walk in and out with no charges.


Hostel in Cusco
Hostels can be a bit tricky but with the amount of competition in Cusco good hostel at extremely cheap price are available, just not on the internet. I manage to find one by chance at Av. Baja less than 4 blocks from the main square on flat ground (Most hostel is on the steep hill which is a bitch) single bedroom to myself, inclusive of breakfast and WIFI that works all for just 17 Sols. Guess I am promoting the hostel since I stayed there for a week and got stuck in Cusco daydreaming.
Food in Cusco
I guess I went crazy since I meet up back with Atin and we keep looking for good food in Cucso. Good company, good food, good place to stay no wonder I was daydreaming in Cusco for so long.  You can get really really good local Gourmet such as Alpaca and Guinue Pig for quite a reasonable price in Cusco thou careful for sometimes the portions can be humongous.
Not much to say here … so some photos to prove the point J
Fried Lemon Chicken
Alpaca and Trout
Margarita Pizza
Shopping in Cusco
Serpentine Stone Carving of a Condor
In one word …. BARGAIN  …. Like crazy. Thou the price are quite surprising at first (reasonable) don’t forget to bargain and bargain hard. If you are buying for two or more even better and don’t be shy to go from shop to shop showing the owners that you are really looking hard.
Of all places as well in Peru I found that Cusco or even better Pisac Market is one of the best places to shop for authentic Peruvian souvenir. The choice are abundant from alpaca garments to paintings, musical instruments and stones carvings. They are all locally made in Peru. 
I am a sucker for stone carvings …..



  1. I Love your blog! :) Definitely my to-go blog when i need to go to places you've travelled!

  2. Do you have the contact details for Hostal Lucerna? Seems like nothing on the Internet.

  3. There is a link to a website at the bottom of the hostel post .... but if you can't find it its here as well

  4. Hi Edwin! I happened to stumble upon your blog while searching for infos regarding visa for Malaysian to Bolivia! (I'm Malaysian working in sg too) And your blog was simply awesome and I enjoyed every post u wrote. That was quite a bit to read and I'm still reading! Anyway, I'm planning my rtw route from this June for 9 months, and will be grateful if you could help me with some tips, if you don't mind, can you pm me so that I can ask you more ?
    Thanks 😀

    1. Hi Lulu , thanks so much for the kind comment. Sure I'll PM you soon enough to answer all your questions :)