Sunday, 1 February 2015

The City of Lima – Peru

Lima. It’s a city that I could not put a label onto it. Thou it was not a spectacular place I still ended up staying for 5 nights in the city. The city is divided up so well that the poor and the rich is clearly defined. Tourist flock to Miraflores district and mostly stay there while the locals go on their daily business without the ever annoying travellers. Just a short bus ride out of the Miraflores and you will find locals that hardly seen a tourist before and the look on their face so curious that you would think you just gone to another city.

The downtown area however is crowded with people during the day time + tourist as well and that’s where most of the exploration ends. Downtown is dangerous they say and I could not agree more for it felt that way too while wondering the streets. I keep picking a direction and just wander off to see what is not on the chartered map or google only to find tons of people going about their daily life. Daytime a little bit of caution needs to be taken always but night time I wouldn’t risk the thrill especially if you don’t know the rules.
Miraflores district on the other hand was different and one could walk anywhere in secluded streets into the wee hours without any fear. Police patrol the place more diligently than a prison ensuring the tourist are not harm. They could not care less about anything else. Tourist is first priority here.
Lima also has archaeological sites within its city which makes it even more exiting. Instead of going to cities with a theme such as, clean Singapore, rich Hollywood, beautiful Bern, modern Dubai, old London, Lima I would classify as a tinge of everything.
Gambling in Lima
Lima also feels like a mini Vegas, of South America, especially in Miraflores where there is way too many casino that I could count. There is practically too many casino to count and every corner there would be those small establishment with slots machines clanking away. Ah the temptation for I had won only 11 Sols in Arequipa and was controlling myself not to over Gamble in South America. Only way to make a cheap country expensive is to Gamble.  
Still you can predict the outcome since I was in Lima for nearly 6 days so I played nearly every day. The denomination was superbly small and I was glad at times to just burn time away. You could play those machine roulette (Real Ball just no human) for as low as 0.05 Sols … that’s almost like 2 cents in Singapore money. So little so easy I could play for hours and for some reason I manage to keep my head in check and did not raise the stakes too high.

Blackjack or table games only operate at night but it was only 10 Sols a game of black jack. SGD5 equivalent and how could I not play it since it was unimaginable for in every casino in the world it was always at a higher stake than I like




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