Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Journey to Machu Pichu

I finally decided on the 4th day in Cusco that I would cheat and do Machu Pichu the cheapest way possible. Gave up the Inca trail, it was way too expensive at USD400 a person and anyhow it was fully booked out 2 months in advanced. Trains were super expensive and other adventure trails were not budget friendly either. So I bought a return bus ticket to Hydroelectrica for 80 Sols and I will have to walk 3 hours to Aqua Caliente, find a hostel when I am there, take the bus 30 Sols ( cos I dread hiking up) up all the way to Machu Pichu, entry ticket 128 Sols and just enjoy the day.

Total cost of visiting Machu Pichu from Cusco = 318 Sol
Transport = 110 Sol
Hostel (2 Nights)  = 80 Sols
Entrance Ticket = 128 Sols

Machu Pichu
The journey although cheapest was quite a journey. Morning 8 am and the bus pick up at the hostel doing the usual fetching tourist after tourist till the bus is full and then we were on our way to Hydroelectrica. I got the front seat next to the driver. The driver asked me … Nippon ?? Chino ??? Nope I said … Malaysia … A big grin and a hand firmly grip my shoulders shaking it he said … "Me Gusta Malaysia".

The Bus ride to Hydroeletrica
The ride was a long one taking 6 hours to get there. Driving pass the valleys and hills the view was a good and beautifully sleepy till we reach Santa Maria. Driver said … 1 hours to from here to Santa Terresa town and suddenly the road disappeared and all there was is a small dirt path with river streams cutting across it from time to time and the mini bus swerve like it is a rally race car racing up and down the edge of the mountain.
It was f*cking dangerous …. But like in any country …. TRUST the Bus Driver.

When we reached Santa Terresa for lunch break we were all glad then after it was another 25 minute to Hydroelectrica via the same crazy road. Just before Hydroelectrica there is a checkpoint where every tourist will have to register in the book like an entry log. Once we reach hydroelectric  I told the driver …. Excellent driving.
Then the long walk along the rail tracks to Aqua Caliente begins. 12 Kg of backpack on me, just enjoy the view, don’t think of the rocky sharp painful walk ahead. The first thing one notice is the signboard saying do not walk on train tracks. Hmmm …. But by the hoard of tourist walking in front of me I guess there is no harm to it. The walk was mostly flat no uphill or downhill and pretty relax filled with beautiful scenery and at times one need to balance walking on timbre planks across the train bridge.

Crossing the Train Bridge

Walking Along Train Tracks to Aqua Caliente
3 hours …. Not a minute less and we reached Aqua Caliente. Walking around shopping for hostel the rain started pouring and I gave up and checked in one for 40 Sols a night. It was 2 nights in Aqua Caliente. The next morning I woke up got out, buy the entry ticket , got a nice expensive breakfast and finally boarded the bus to Machu Pichu at 10am.
Machu Pichu
Machu Pichu voted one of the 7 Modern Wonder of the world ....... Beautiful …. So I just lazed around there for hours reading a book and finally gave up and came out at 3pm for I needed a toilet. The place is surprisingly huge and once you have wondered around there is nothing much to do other than enjoy the view and take photos and watch the llama eat grass.

It’s a marvel really the place but lack explanation of any sort unless one have a tour guide. The magic of Machu Pichu ….
Then it was back to Cusco the next day
The hike back to Hydroelectric was not as bad as the hike to Aqua Caliente as I now know what to expect and I reach in good time for lunch and was waiting for the bus ride back. There were tons of people waiting for bus but all the bus would not move till 230pm. Then the chaos started where all the names were shouted everywhere and everyone scramble.

My name was not called till 3pm and the last few bus still around did not have my name on their list.

The same driver pulled up and I walked up to him saying hello. HELP ….. and he made some phone calls and apparently they forgotten about me. Shit. Some last minute shuffle and I was stuffed into one of the last few busses headed back for Cusco.


  1. Now i know other alternative of doing Machu Picchu..Walking for 3 hours?Was it hard?there will be many other travelers too doing the 3 hours hike right?

    1. Yes it's a long walk .. as long you are not rushing it's doable easily .. many people did it when I was there in 2015 ... Have fun