Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Border Crossing from Colonia to Bueno Aires ( Uruguay to Argentina ) with a Malaysian passport

I couldn’t resist when I found out there was a ferry boat that takes you from one country to another. Somehow crossing a border by boat just gives me the excitement of something different. Land crossing and aeroplanes are so normal but sea crossing even for a short one is so exciting.

The Ferry terminal in Colonia was just next to the bus station and a stone throw away from the old town. Walking in I notice only three companies which was Colonia Express, Busabout, and Seacat. All their counters were next to each other and lacking the diplomacy of discretion I asked the price and time from one counter to another openly showing them I was scouting out the competition. They weren’t bothered at all and gave me all the prices showing them on the computer and they all had the same price. Dammit so much for trying to be smart.
I ended up with Colonia express on the 11am boat the next day for the timing was preferably for me. Others were either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
Boarding takes an hour earlier where after receiving the boarding pass one will need to go through immigration. No check in luggage for boats, you carry everything with you.
At the immigration counter there were two officer line up next to next with each other. My turn came and I walk up and the lady processed the exit stamp from Uruguay with excellent efficiency. No dumb questions about Malaysia Passport and after stamping the passport she passed my passport to the next officer down the line. I was to side step to the next officer and then I realized she was the Argentina side of immigration. Before I could process things in my head the entry stamp for Argentina was done and passport handed back to me.
Walk on to the waiting area and within 5 minutes we were next to board the small little vessel bound for Bueno Aires. On the boat it was free seating, fairly combatable and barely rock the whole 1 hour journey to Bueno Aires. Upon arrival in Bueno Aires we departed and went through customs checks which was just a walk by. No immigration.
Hello Bueno Aires.

Ferry From Colonial to Buenos Aires


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