Friday, 17 April 2015

Colonia – Uruguay

Colonia was a gateway town to Bueno Aires – Argentina and who could resist a ferry border crossing. I figured I would at lease check out the small town for a few days since I was going to pass by but stayed one day too many. Jump down the bus and right in front of me was the tourist information centre. Uruguay was really easy to travel I thought and superbly efficient if not expensive for South America. If you read my previous post you would know I was running away from Casino in Montevideo. Tourist map and I spotted 2 casino within 3 blocks of each other ….. shit now I am really fucked …. Oh well

Upon scouting out the casinos I realized they were really small for a really small town. Colonia was a town no larger than 5 km long and 500 meters wide hence if you really wanted one could just walk everywhere. So with a small casino that has only slots I was saved for a while (Slots ain my Poison) but did ended up donating 100 UGY to the Miss Kitty slot machine. Damn Captain and his Kitty ….
Jetty - Colonia
I made a new friend in the hostel, Pai from Brazil and she ended up behind my scooter that we rented for a day scooting around Colonia. Scooter rental required a motorbike licence so the hard and painful 1 year ( plus 1 year dawdling ) getting that licence was worth it I guess. The scooter was USD 25 per day and required either a credit card or a USD 400 deposit. I choose the USD 400 for I knew if I crash that bike it will be more than that.

Scooting around Colonia we realized it could be done walking but a lot of the town was just houses upon houses. Other than the old town which was I think 300m by 300m there was nothing much to see but it was a nice quint place to zoom and just pass time for a day or two. I was even starting to wonder why the town was even a UNESCO heritage.
End of it we returned the bike 2 hours earlier than expected and the fuel that we tried to re pump to full do not even take 1 litre. Poor gas station attendant barely press for more than a second and everything came spilling out again. Time get into Bueno Aires …..

Bull Fighting Ring in Colonia

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