Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Porto Alegre - Brazil

Porto Alegre a midway stop before heading off to Uruguay. Somehow I got stuck in Porto Alegre longer than I thought. Four whole days I was there doing absolutely nothing other than watching HBO on cable TV in the hostel and playing chess with the hostel owner Marco and receptionist Jue.

Graffiti in Porto Alegre
How it happen was that there was a chess set layout one fine afternoon and I commented … 'Oh Chess!' …. and they asked if I knew how to play and if I would like a game. I ended up trashing them and they would not let me leave. Payback or revenge was on their mind and I played so many games with them while also playing with my computer at the same time till the third day.  

Due and Marco took turns trying to beat me and another girl Lue which was staying there joined in the foray. Daytime was chess and night time out came the Poker Chips. If I trashed them in Chess, they obliterated me in Poker.

The third day ….. the day I was supposed to leave for Montevideo-Uruguay I packed my bags , checked out and walked to the bus station only to find out all the bus was fully booked and I was stuck in Porto Alegre for another day. Back to the same hostel and when I walked in that door they were so happy to see me for one last chance was possible for them to win me.
Porto Alegre was a lovely town in Brazil. Not to popular but still a nice place to stop for a few days. Most people use it as a gateway into Brazil from Uruguay and Argentina or the other way around. Most major bus runs the trunk line and must pass Porto Alegre so even if there was not much to see the town still gets a decent amount of tourist.

Exploring the place thou can be a mysterious wonder. Hidden streets, local markets, and great local food makes up for its lack of singular major attraction. The other nice part was it was safe considering how much Brazilian people are paranoid about safety, the place felt more relax and chill compared to Rio or Sao Paolo.
Porto Alegre - Brazil

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