Friday, 1 May 2015

Puerto Madryn - Argentina

I am on a bullet train (metaphorically) now flying through places without really getting to know them. Buenos Aires for only 3 days and hopped onto the bus to Puerto Madryn skipping everything else in between. 18 hours bus ride and only for 2 nights in Puerto Madryn before I hopped onto the bus again bounded for Rio Gallegos for another 18 hours.

Puerto Madryn was a nice cosy town. If I had time I would have probably stayed there a week given it was the perfect town to just chill. Food was good and cheap and the Hostel La Tosca had a kitchen which further helped since a good supermarket was nearby and given time I would have been in the mood to cook. Petite little hostel with great rooms big size cage lockers below the bunk beds, very clean and amazing cake breakfast. I really wanted to stay longer and in fact I am regretting not staying longer in Puerto Madryn.
For entertainment there was tours, not pricey but not dirt cheap either. I hopped on the Peninsular Valdes tour for 560 Peso plus an entrance fee of 180 peso. A whole day trip seeing wild animals.

The count
  1. Huanchaco
  2. Amiridalo
  3. Witch Something Bird
  4. So many birds
  5. Snake
  6.   Lizards 
  7.   Sea Lions
  8. Elephant Seals
  9. Penguins ….

Poor thing we did not see an Orca (Killer Whale) which was said to be spotted around that region quite frequently. It was even in season said the guide but then again with global warming you never know nowadays. Luck! It always has to be a little luck to see any real wild animals. Penguin colony was a small one and the viewing platform was from afar so one could only see and watch. No petting, no bagging a penguin for a pet although I was asked by quite a few people from b
Sea Lions at Puerto Madryn
ack home to do so. I was content I guess and did not pursue to Puerto Tombo which I heard would have ten of thousands penguins and you would be walking among them wear a bowtie and click glasses of champagne together. No time I thought and gave it up for Ushuaia thinking I could see some there too.

Night time was spent passing in the Puerto Madryn Casino. Only one casino which was rather small but they had those electronic roulette machine at a dirt cheap rate. Put it 100 peso which is about SGD 10 and played for many hours (at night) and numerous days (two) only to walk out with a profit of 100 peso. Good entertainment.

Puerto Madryn, the town was a short walk of 1 hour and you will see everything there is to see. Outskirt are lovely neighbourhood but can be boring to death. It was the type of town you just do nothing and watch the world skip by.

Somehow when rushing the things you enjoy is not as much as when you are travelling slowly.
Penguin at Puerto Madryn .... Can you see it ???

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