Sunday, 10 May 2015

Southern Most City in the World – Ushuia

Penguins Tours
I wonder what I am doing here really. The appeal of the end of the world, the southernmost city in the world caught my attention in the beginning of south America travels but since I am here and looking at all the tourist faces and all the happy locals bleeding us slowly makes me wonder twice why I came here. Everything that is worth seeing cost money. Boat ride to see penguins, boat ride along the beagle channel, hike up the national parks, museums, train ride into the forest, glacier trekking, anything at all cost a load of cash.

I have yet to see a tour for less than USD 100. That price seems to be the minimum staple here and the psychology effects works out well too since if you spend all that effort getting down here you have got to do something. I did nothing.
The end of the world … unless you consider Antarctica the new planet. Last minute discounted boat ride to Antarctica cost at lease USD 5000 and that is if you are lucky enough to get a space and have to hang around until the boats departs which could be once a month since a round trip takes a minimum of two weeks. That and you have to stick around a town that is built around tourism waiting.

Inca Rose Stone Carvings
The best I did was walk around downtown which was tourist town. Window shopping for Inca Rose stone carving and still could not afford to buy a single one for even the smallest 1 inch carving cost USD 100. For those that are wondering Inca Rose is the national stone of Argentina in deep red flowery rose pattern which is only found in one mine in the world. They even have a love story of how the stone came to be.
2nd most thing I do of course is gambling for there was a total of 3 casinos in Ushuaia at very reasonable wager. I had never played 6 deck blackjack for only USD 2 a round. Dirt cheap hence when I lost 900 peso in a day ( about SGD 90 in 12 hours ) I thought I was worth it. Then I remember it was money I could have spent on something else then the hurts sets in. Still it was a good way to pass time. Fav pass time so of course I went back a few days in a row but long story short I made money but not enough for that boat ride to Antarctica which was the aim really :P

Strip Club in Ushuaia
Supposedly there was a famous strip club at the end of the world and I could not find it till the last day. Wandering around in the morning I finally saw it when I was not looking for it. One signboard with a girl in lingerie which I almost thought it was a beer commercial for it was mounted on a traditional wooden shack house. A HOUSE ,,… almost like the owner stayed there, eat there and at night strip there for money. Daytime normal house but open hours a day for some nice hard cash. I never saw it open so never did get a chance to venture as curious as I am.

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