Thursday, 11 June 2015

Miami Olala …

Miami was hwat. The people was all about the party in Miami or at lease at Miami Beach where I stayed. Everyone goes there with a mission even the girls. Show off the skins and the curve lines of the body and just make the guys go crazy but even the guys would all work out with their muscular body showing them off at the beaches making the girls go crazy. So in one word Miami Beach was filled with high sexual atmosphere.
Miami Beach

For ugly people alone …. This is not the place to be. If you have a partner …. You could still work it out feeding off the energy. The other thing about Miami Beach was the fakeness feel that I got. Everyone was somehow trying to show off. I saw so many Harley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Tesla, which I thought this was ridicules ’till I realized most of them were probably rented. Miami was Party Party Party, hook ups, drinks, and of course sightseeing and tours
I did consider doing a tour, everglades or the tour bus or even the aquarium. But USA if I though was reasonably priced 3 years ago is now expensive due to inflation. I ended up just walking all about the 3 days I was in Miami and of course visit a casino.

Miami Beach was almost what you see on TV but then Miami was not just about the beach. Heading to downtown and slightly outskirts of downtown I realized Miami was really interesting in a way. It felt like I was back in South America where everything was in Spanish first then English. Slightly out of town and suddenly all the glitz and glamour fade away and all signboards, billboards were in Spanish and some with no translation at all. People you walk by speaks mostly Spanish and these were really locals for I had wondered far away from the tourist spots that you could tell they were really local immigrant.
Only difference is that although it look Spanish, feels Spanish the build was definitely American. I could start with Ola and finish with English and they would still understand clearly. It was a nice place for the perfect blend of Latin America friendliness and American hospitality. Only thing was outside the tourist area most places are just quiet and almost dead like all American towns. Big and empty.

The hostel I stayed provided breakfast which was just toast and coffee, but they also provided lunch and dinner. I am not shitting you …. For the price of USD 35 a bunk bed and 3 meals a day. I thought it was amazing since you get lunch and dinner but it felt a bit like a soup kitchen where everyone rush to get food before it runs out. Thinking I would capitalized on it I tried to extend my stay at the hostel but only to find out they have jack the price up to USD 56 a night for it was spring break and there was a music festival coming up soon. So no to that and I got on the bus to Tampa

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