Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Short Stop in Puerto Varas

Once I arrived Puerto Montt I had a choice, to stay or to leave immediately for Puerto Varas. I decided to walk around for an hour with my full backpack and scout out Puerto Montt to see if it was worth a night stay. Within half an hour I decided to leave for Puerto Varas.

The microbus ride was a short one about 20 minutes and cost me 800 peso. When the bus exited the highway towards Puerto Varas I could immediately feel that this was a preserved town and slightly skewered towards tourist or the local tourist kind.
Houses and shops walls were built in the style using overlapping planks of wood to allow for water drainage, each unit painted to a distinct colour making the whole town looks candylicious. The roof were the same or sometime modernized to include metal sheets. Downtown was rustic and live were moving slower here, fewer automobiles and cleaner air.

Best thing to do in Puerto Varas …. Find a coffee or lunch shop near the lake and enjoy the view of Mount Osaro with its snow cape peak. Walking around Puerto Varas which was pretty small town was a delight on its own if you appreciate quiet and peaceful rows after rows of old houses in its old form.
Bus Station in Puerto Varas
Hunt for a bus ticket to Santiago further surprised me. There was no central bus station in Puerto Varas although the local tourist map marked it out. Bus Company all have their own individual place where the bus would stop or pick up and mostly it was just a house along a street. That was how quint Puerto Varas is. I manage to get a ticket for the next day to Santiago at night for a mere 15000 peso. Another nice surprise since I knew from Puerto Montt it would had cost at least 25000.

Looking at Mount Osaro from Puerto Varas

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