Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Why did I Go to Tampa?

I got asked that question a lot of times when I told people I went to Tampa when I was in the USA. I wanted to visit a small town in the States. I was tired of always seeing the big cities in all the states. I dunnu it was along the way? I dun remember the exact reason that persuade me to go to Tampa instead of Orlando (it was either this or that) but I dun regret stopping and visiting the small petite town of Tampa Florida.


Tampa was a nice small American town/city which you could see in one day. When I say one day I mean the centre of Tampa. The rest of its suburban area is plain repetitive American housing estates with its run down white picket fence.
The highlights of Tampa of course was the historical city of Ybar. A nightlife street of about 10 blocks with pubs and country music and local Cuban hand rolled cigars. The place was preserved as an historical town of Cuban culture. When it comes to the states this external preserved culture was a rare treat for almost every other immigrant culture that enters the states was to be localized into American standards.

I stayed there for 3 nights. A nice place to relax and just no nothing with a little sightseeing to be done. Hop a ride on the old trolley bus, walk the gardens by the river and visit the monuments of the city which was barely a handful.
Partly I needed some rest but mostly I was cracking my head in research on where to go next. USA is not the most backpacker friendly country. I was having trouble plotting a route though the states, trying to find places that had Hostels and cheap long distance bus to the next stop which was a rarity.

I ended up plotting the next route for Atlanta. I also picked up a travel buddy in Tampa. A nice old chap I would call Happy. Happy decided to crash my first time experience of AirBnB in Atlanta. I was going to Atlanta and it was to be my first time using AirBnB, and his too so we were going to brave it together the unknown waters.
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