Monday, 27 July 2015

A Day in Baltimore

I rushed through Baltimore like no other city. Only one night of stay since the one and only hostel in town was booked out for the next three days for a fraternity event. A baseball game was on that weekend I was there and it was pulling crowds of people into Baltimore.
Baltimore Harbour

Arrived in early afternoon by train from Washington D.C and chuck my bag in the hostel and out to explore the city. Loads of history Baltimore has for America since it was the base colony of England. Baltimore claimed a lot of the first items in America. First Church, first so and so. The city was pretty, not too busy but enough to keep one occupied and not too grime that it felt really safe.
Library in Baltimore
Most tourist congregate around the harbour which was the main sights, food, aquarium, stadiums and museums. The harbour itself had plenty of old and antique boats lined up and the long walk was a present stroll in the late spring.

One of the weird place to visit in Baltimore was the library. They had one of the top 10 library to visit in the world I think for most tourist just visit the library for the old Georgian architecture interior and it was also filled with old books. It like a rare collection library.

Apart from that and just walking around Baltimore and mostly concentrated on the harbour area I could not see much. That’s is what happens when you rush a city I guess for just a day. My local guide never met me in the end for she was busy last minute. A day in Baltimore maybe just enough I think for me.

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