Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A Night Out Singing Country Music in Nashville

There is a certain charm to Tennessee in the USA that I can’t really describe which lures me back over and over again. Of all the states and places I have visited in USA Tennessee is one that I would go back to as many times as possible if only just to experience that free spirit country vibe.

Nashville reminded me of Memphis. They had a street called Broadway that was similar to Beale St in Memphis. The city was also a miniature resemblance of Washington D.C with its big monumental government building nearby, clean street and huge stadiums for games. I was there during an ice hockey game night and many people was in town and some were happier than others J
Not much hostels in the USA but when they built a proper one, they built it like an exquisite hostel. Key card lock, big common area, everything build from ground up specifically for a hostel. You could see they choose the beds, building material, wiring, heating everything for a hostel need. Unlike most hostel around the world that usually starts from a refurbish building or office or shop this hostel building was built from ground up to be a hostel. That’s how USA is … you do not make something into a hostel … you custom built it …
First night and barely half an hour when I manage to rest my bags, two guys came in … Howdy and Jay from Pennsylvania.
You wanna go grab a drink or bite ? ….

They asked and I was hungry since I had no food for lunch and it was now pass dinner. I decided to join them and we walk down the music street of Nashville, Broadway
First pub we stop was the Honky Tonk bar, large with lots of people and great country music. Ordered a few beers, and Howdy nudge me saying the two girls across the bar was checking Jay out. Both Jay and Howdy was 25 and the girl across looked like 40. Howdy wanted to ran away but suddenly Jay was missing and looking around he was outside chatting up the two girls.
Country Music at Honky Tong Bar - Nashville
Oh fuck! was what Howdy said but I was a third party and was not about to pass judgement ….. Good free entertainment is hard to come by

We all ended up bar hopping from one to another meeting so many random strangers just hanging out from out of town and eventually all was drunk enough to head to a karaoke bar, one of those where you sing in front of a stage of everyone in the bar. The Karaoke bar was a small one so at lease not much stage fright would be happening but we all went for a go. I got persuaded to sing something and thinking that they won’t have it anyway on the list I requested for Billy Joel-Piano Man. They have it and I was force to sing it …..

That’s one thing you don’t see often in Karaoke places in Singapore or Malaysia. English songs was normally pop hits or classic like MLTR so I was surprise that everyone was singing really old country classic music. Good old fun and when the time comes ( Late Morning ) Howdy excused us and left Jay to walk the girl to the car but somehow he did not manage to seal the deal. Fun guys …. They left the next morning continuing their road trip and me back to daydreaming travels.


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