Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hello Knoxville …. Still basking in the 1982 World Fair Glory …

So going to Knoxville I was wondering how this AirBnB experience will be like since the host is a girl. A young girl in fact of 22 years old staying at a loft of another’s person house while she goes to university of Tennessee which is in Knoxville. Allison was tomboyish but still pretty and the place I was staying was on the foldable spring bed for one. The place felt like a studio and I like a random stranger for a few days to disturb her life but she was so friendly it made up for it.

In fact the place and pictures that was shown was actually her own bed. She would rent them out to AirBnB people and she would sleep on the foldable spring bed when people visits. I took the springbed for it was for a single person so then she and her friend Hannah could sleep together in the room instead.
Knoxville was small as expected and nice and peaceful. University driven town with little industry and still stuck in time as the locals will tell you about the 1982 world fair. I did not even know such a thing exist … a world fair …. But then again I won’t be surprise if the world fair only amount to places from the states and not actually from the world. The fact that I heard it mention by local more than once without me prompting was an indicator it was a big deal for them …..

Nothing like a town forgotten in time …. ^Chuckle^ ….
Knoxville was a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains reserved but without a car I was stuck there …. So close to one of the great national park of the states and I could not even see it. The old town or downtown centred around the Gay Street where all the restaurants, theatres and things of interest can be seen. I spend most of my time in Knoxville just reading, watching movies and updating journals and of course watching the locals live their life by ….

I seem to be doing that a lot in USA …. Daydreaming travels …

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