Wednesday, 26 August 2015

I could never get Bored in New York ….

It’s been 3 years since I last visited New York. Some places you only need to see it once and maybe return to show a friend but New York was special, a place that one can visit over and over again and always discover something new. I once said I could never stay in the city of New York, too stressful but I could definitely visit her again and again.

This time I had a week in New York and since most of the must do had been done before such as 9-11 memorial, Statue of Liberty, Elis Island, Central Park, Wall Street, Broadway I now had more time to explore New York at a slower pace and observed its inhabitants.
I also had the one week subway unlimited pass card ….. this brought me everywhere or rather wherever the first train arrived ….

New York was a true melting pot of people, with people from all walks of life and this time I saw them, the Latin descendants, the Chinese/ Asians, blacks, whites, multi Europe, rich Africa and all the in between. This place was a hurricane with its people and I sense an old charm of its people that had time to mingle and blend in and accept each one another claim to New York as their own.
Once I saw a black dude in US Army uniform passing by a souvenir shop ran by an old Chinese man and he gave a wave calling out to the old chap by name, an evening greeting with small jokes was exchange before the Army guy had to leave to catch the subway home.

I also found the time to visit Coney Island …. End winter was not the best time but it was still a sight to be seen. Amusement park as old as that and still functioning was a beautiful sight. A beautiful beach and a quiet atmosphere if you walk far enough from the roller coaster. I now think maybe New York is not that bad …. One just has to explore further away from the city centre to make their life work in New York.
Coney Island - New York

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