Thursday, 13 August 2015

Philedelphia - Like a Beautiful Picture Taken with a Shaky Hand

Dear Philly

I don’t know why but when I think back on my travels in the states you seems to be smudge out like a beautiful picture taken with a shaky hand. Coming into the city with the bus it was a beautiful sight high up on the bridge showing how majestic you are as a city, a metropolitan and although I was about to skip you entirely for I was not too keen on big cities, you surprise me yet again.

Philly Cheesesteak
 Philly, I have to say American food is not really that fascinating having staples like McDonalds, KFC, Subway, and taco bell. Yet Chicago surprised me last time I was here with its deep dish pizza and the American Burrito invention is to die for but the Philly Cheesesteak is something else altogether. I have to give it to you guys, the cheesy and slime unhealthiest of a cheesesteak is delicious.

Liberty Bell
I love it how you guys have a hip old town around the liberty town hall. Liberty bell was moving with its story and the actual place where the great minds drafted the independence letter and of course the constitution of USA is humble yet admirable. The old ranger guide that gave us the history talk as we walk around the town hall was also a jack hilarious.
Quote :
Now if you folks would follow me we will start the tour now and dun you go leaving any bags around even for a second on the floor …… because …… that will end ….. END …… the tour ….

The walk around the coastline or river …. Whatever you call it, was calming and I love it how there is a part of the town where artist lurk around. The Magic Garden where an artist cladded is whole house like a freak show was interesting and in a way magical to a kid. I dun like thinking too hard with art thou but I love the idea of it. Old hippy town I walk by and never was I once bored from repeated office buildings. There is flavour in Philly that’s for sure.
Magic Garden Philly
Sorry to say I was here as short as I could be for I am afraid for if there was one thing that will keep me away from Philly it would be the Casino. Casino and Edwin dun mix so I ran away to New York sooner than expected. Maybe someday when there is a friend to show me around and distract me from the pit I will visit you again with much hope. 

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