Sunday, 27 September 2015

Falling in Love with Toledo

Toledo was a lovely medieval town and was super touristy. I got down and looking upwards where the old fortress was and I gave up walking and started looking to the local bus to get me up there. 1.40 euro by local bus about 5 minute ride I was in the main plaza right in the middle of Toledo.

Toledo was a walk around cobbled stone streets everyday, winding and twisting everywhere with shops of all manner in every corner. Souvenir shops, tourist shops, cafes mostly for it was a touristy place. Sometimes even if it’s touristy it is worth visiting and Toledo was just that kind of place. The souvenir was also top notch quality and diverse, not like any of those key chain, magnet crap but hand crafted plate of stainless steel with 24 carat plated etchings mostly of Jewish nature and medieval armoury.
Souvenir inToledo
The knifes of knifes …. If Switzerland has lots of Swiss army knife, Toledo has all the fanciful knife that you see on GoT or Vikings and even intricate curved knife that could be from Ali Baba and the forty thief fairy-tale. Also not to forget crazy ninja vintage Japanese sword. I did not feel guilty window shopping when the souvenir shop looks like those.

The next day Kt and family came to Toledo and he message me to meet up later that day. We went walking for a viewpoint outside the city …. A walk along the river to outside the city which overlook Toledo itself. Beautiful place which had just one restaurant which served the best frosted beer we ever had. Sat there and just watch the sun set and the city night light glimmer.

Kt declare Toledo the second best place he have ever been on earth, first being Sikim in India.

The next day I left for Aveiro
Toledo - Spain

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