Thursday, 10 September 2015

Next Continent …. Fresh Start ….. Madrid

There is something about travelling that even after a few months of adventures to places that one could only dream about, hopping onto that plane flying from one continent to another always seems to excite me. It was as if my soul knows that things are going to change for sure and all the semi security that I had accustom to while travelling, getting comfort on the road will be thrown out the window for the few days when I touch down a new continent.

I was flying from New York to Madrid. All the while I am thinking it’s great to get out of the states for it was sucking my money faster than ever. Did I ever mention how hard it is to travel the states? It is definitely not backpacker friendly. In a way South America was more backpacker friendly then the USA. Furthermore I was looking forward to Spain and excited to make use of my little Spanish vocabulary that I learned in South America.
Touch down and I headed for the hostel. I had three nights booked in Madrid but on Friday night I would be forced to leave …. Shit shit shit … while I never had a problem in South America or USA on being force to move on due to fully booked hostels in the whole city, Europe was such that it can happen. Where to go next after Madrid …. How to get there …. Is the hostel in the next place fully booked too? Paranoia sets in as I enter a new continent unsure if what I have been doing for the last 6 months will work in Europe or even what I knew travelling Europe 4 years ago will apply at all today in different countries.

Day one …. Check in and 1st world order to the rescue …. Maps of Madrid city, information board, fully trained tourist information centre and precision network of public transportation that is reliable to its timetable. Within hours I feel more relax and calm for it seems Europe will be much much easier than USA or South America ….

Hola Madrid … It’s a whole new playground …

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