Sunday, 8 November 2015

Evora in Portugal

Evora sounded like a video game when I saw the name. Like a mythical blue planet MMORPG but it was really just a small historic town with a castle wall around it. I was stuck in Portugal, held hostage by the Indian Mission while my passport was being processed for an Indian Visa. I decided to visit nearby places around Lisbon and Evora seemed like a nice quiet place to getaway even from the backpackers.

Evora itself was so small one could see it in 3 hours but I stayed there for 3 days to renew my burnout backpacker soul. If you have travelled long enough you’ll understand the feeling and Evora was the perfect place to do just that. Cheap hostels, quiet and peaceful yet with a tinge of old flavour and a good kitchen and cheap grocery hypermart to fill any cravings for 3 days. Not to mention the lack of tourist and backpacker party scene helps me just sit back and unwind to a good bottle of Porto.

Roman Ruins in Evora
The buildings of Evora was mostly white with red roof tiles. A small hill on the centre of town where some old roman ruins still reside and a little park along the side. It cost about 13 euro one way from Lisbon to Evora and the same back.

Town of Evora - Portugal

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