Sunday, 22 November 2015

Forgive me Seville – I will come back !

Lo siento Seville

I finally got out of Lisbon and headed to the long awaited Seville but had to do the mad run rush in half a day for by some coincidence Aisyv was also in Seville for work and after a mad facebook discussion for 5 minutes we settle to head to Granada together for 2 days of travel sightseeing. That left me with only half a day in Seville to see as much as I can.
I knew partially in my head I would need to up my expectation on expenditure when travelling with Aisyv. If it’s not a backpacker on the road likely chance you’ll travel more costly than normal. Still I thought 2 days was ok, how bad could it be and the company of old friends is worth spending more money sometime.

Streets of Seville - Spain
Seville in half a day …. Got in at night around 9pm checked in the hostel and luckily they allowed me to cancel my second night and dump my backpack and was out the door in a heartbeat.

Tapas in Seville
Walk around at night, scour a tapas bar, see what I could of the mazely city and head back for sleep only to wake up early in the morning 830 am to check out, left my bag in the hostel and out again to see all the sights I could muster in 5 hours.
The palace grounds were lovely and so was the cathedral but the best was Castle Real and its gardens where the intricate architecture meshing designs from Muslim, Jewish and Christianity culture. The Muslim culture was beautiful, and we don’t see much of it these days.
Palace Grounds Seville

The old Morrish Muslim knew how crate art unlike the bland erratic Islamic culture we have today. In a way it could be look at such that the intricate detail beauty of the Castle Real would have borderline blasphemy in today’s Muslim culture.  Such a shame …. And it is also use as the filming ground of Game of Thrones city of Dawn …. Another blasphemy I think in that sense ….

Castle Real - Seville

Castle Real - Seville

My last minute arrangement to meet Combo a travel buddy I met in Lisbon did not fell through. I got stood up, well he did send a message but no wifi = stood up. Lucky thing I only spend 15 minutes waiting before ditching myself.
Back to the hostel through as many windy road I could detour without being late to meet Aisyv. I stayed in the cheapest hostel in Seville 12 euro a night across the city of Seville. Aisyv was staying smack in the middle next to all the heritage Castle and cathedral, in fact the hotel itself was a heritage and also the most expensive 5 star hotel in Seville. It was no wonder I would break my budget for the next two day.

She looked just the same back in the BRAT’s days …. No changes and no increase in height as well. Long lost friend of 14 years. I now had a travel buddy for the next two days and I finally meet another Malaysian in my 7 months of travels. 
My worry of the travel together for the next two days being awkward was quickly forgotten. Catch up catch up … all the memories, the questions, the Malaysian slang slowly creeping back, a word or two in malay, a snicker and good old reminiscence of home. 

I am sorry Seville …. First glimpse and I was torn apart between an old friend’s promise and a city that seems to call to my soul.
I’ll come back I promise ……..

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