Sunday, 29 November 2015

Granada with a BRAT - Spain

Aisyv looked just the same back in the B.R.A.T’s days …. No changes and no increase in height as well. Long lost friend of 14 years. I now had a travel buddy for the next two days and I finally meet another Malaysian in my 7 months of travels. 

My worry of the travel together for the next two days being awkward was quickly forgotten. Catch up catch up … all the memories, the questions, the Malaysian slang slowly creeping back, a word or two in Malay a snicker and good old reminiscence of home. 
Granada was fast track as well. All the self-imposed restriction went out the window when travelling with someone else. Try to cook a meal a day ….. f*ck that - just venture out and look for restaurant and order the good stuff. Partially because I know Aisyv mind-set was a holiday mind-set not a backpackers so a certain luxury is a given. I only almost cry when she suggested the 160 euro a night hotel …. Luckily she agreed to downgrade (a lot in her perspective) and I had to upgrade (a lot in my perspective) …. Cost me 35 euro a night which I could afford. Not every day but let’s take this as one of the emergency case where I get stranded and have no choice but to check into a Hotel

I ended up spending 300 euro in 2 days …. 3 times the daily budget of 50 euro a day.
All the things that I see during travels but never did them for there was a cheaper alternative I did them now with Aisyv. Partially because we were on a fast track holiday and had to cover as much grounds in the shortest period of time.

Granada - Spain
Granada - Spain
When alone I would normally walk everywhere, scout, lounge and never do more than a few hours of tours event unless it’s free. That’s why even in all the other places, only because I had company that I went on a rafting trip in Arequipa-Peru which I would never have done if I was alone. Same goes to the bike ride to Laguna Cejar - Chile and Sugar Loaf Mountain - Rio. Alone I would just admire quietly unless it is a must do such as Manchu Pichu and Salt Flats of Bolivia or to see at least one penguin.
Flamenco Show - Granada
Back to Granada …. We did …. Hamman a Turkish Bath House relaxation spa and massage, Segway tour around the city of Granada. The Segway I was glad I did it for Granada was not a friendly town to walk. Steep hills and cobbled stone flooring, as rustic and love gypsy feel that Granada had the terrain was not so friendly. The view like any other places when you get high enough is amazing.

Flamenco Band
Flamenco dance show was a given and in a way I was also glad I catch it with Aisyv for alone I would have contemplated it deeply but not forked out the money. The traditional dance of Flamenco was powerful, deep and felt like a trance story told without words but only with the passion and clacks of the fast paced shuffling feet and facial expression of a bull. How the dancers survived 2 hours without leg cramps is a wonder.
We did try to enter Alhambra the famous fort but did not go in for tickets was sold out … Part of the outer grounds were free and it was still an amazing visit. If I was alone I would never have spent that money for a Turkish bath, Segway or flamenco but I enjoyed every one of it. Guess a company is a reason or excuse to open that wallet. Things that I want to do but never had the excuse to do it.

Now that I had a taste of the Turkish bath I’ll probably seek it out in Turkey even if I am alone ….. Thanks to Aisyv for recommending me another vice.
Last Morning I send her to the train station and took a walk to the bus station to get an overnight bus to Valencia. A whole day in Granada to burn with nothing to do but contemplate the last few days journey.

May we meet again someday

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