Saturday, 21 November 2015

What do you miss when Travelling ?

I know what I miss when I am back home and chain down working. I miss travelling!! However when we are on the big open road the things we miss are not so easily defined.

The things that I miss out when travelling long term are the things that makes me homesick. Not the food nor the normality of life working day in day out, having a beer at the end of the day, lazing around singing while your friends imagine they are rock stars on the karaoke bar. No. It’s the special moments that makes me homesick.
Facebook and watsapp nowadays makes it so much easier for people to follow your travels and envy your amazing life. You lucky bastard you. But Facebook goes both ways so when I see a new born baby into the family circle, a close friend getting married, colleagues celebrating the annual D&D, festival gatherings, those are the things that make me homesick.

Today my parents took the keys to my new studio that I bought on impulse 3 years ago. They send me pictures through watsapp, with so much ideas and suggestion on what I could do with the place. I am sure at one point they forgot that it was my place and thought of it as their own. I am a bit sad that I am not there to play with the new toy. So many new surprises that came with the new studio.
What ?? the Condo is totally high tech ??? …
Huh I got a cooker built into the place ???
Wahahaha the studio came with a free mirror in the bath room …
Wow … heating is built into the shower ….

How I miss not being there myself to enjoy the thrill of adventure. Like a kid exploring his new playground my parents are doing that for me now, enjoying on my behalf. While I sit here in McDonald in Faro Portugal waiting for the next bus to Seville Spain I wish I was back home playing with my new studio.
Do whatever you like with the place I told them. It is your holiday home I guess. J

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