Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dirty City of Love – Paris

The first time I travelled Europe, I avoided Paris like a
Eiffel Tower - Paris
plague. It was drilled into our minds that it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and where everything magical can happens especially love. It did not help that cartoon from Disney during childhood day’s shows humpback of Notre Dame and the favourite Ratatouille rat with all the beautiful families and happy endings. In addition to that every damn French I met on the road says the best place in the world is Paris even if they have never set foot there themselves. Yep I avoided Paris like a plague in reverence that it was a special place that I may someday share the experience of visiting with someone.

You did not visit Paris ???? But that’s the city of Love !!!! …. Quote by various people when I returned from the first trip.
Exactly ….  It’s the city of Love …. Hence I avoided going there as a Single.

A few years has passed and the second time travelling the world. I decided there is never a right time to do anything. I have learned that time is a fleeting thing and that life is to be lived and not prepared like a story book. I will see Paris if just to see the infamous city and admire the Eiffel tower and visit The Louvre.
Paris is a Dirty City.

In terms of European standard I guess (Let’s forget about India for a minute) …. Paris is a dirty city no doubt about it. The moment I got there and the first walkabout I decided that Paris was worth visiting if only to see the Louvre and I could not wait to get out. The love part I guess it’s a hype over sold by tourist agency to get more client. What I find more comical was the directions to everywhere. They were wrong. Reminded me of Malaysia and the mess up signage’s to divert people to different places to get more business or just more foot traffic.

This was not due to lack of the ability to speak French for even the subway station had confusing signage’s. Today I decided to just check out the bus station where everyone gets an airport shuttle to Beuvies airport where budget airline Ryanair stops. I was bound for that in a couple days and with the shitty weather of rain and more rain I thought no harm checking it out. Again I got stupefied by the signage’s bringing me to no man’s land.
If you never been to France, stay away and keep that magical optimism of childhood with you. Once you have been here like me, you feel like a dimwit falling for an obvious sales gimmick that you never thought will happen to your good self. City of Love …. Bah …. You see people trying too hard here with Love …. Good play for the heartbroken sucker.

The Louvre - Paris


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