Sunday, 3 January 2016

Marseille – France

Marseille was simple, a city in the southern France where there was a large number of Muslim and I was really surprise. Then again I might have wondered down that special street where they all set up their shops and trade their goods. The diversity of France was more than I thought and the different level of poverty is striking.

Perfectly Lined Buildings in Marseille
France is not beautiful. That I have decided. It is different and interesting but not the awe striking beautifulness that you see in other places. If you take a picture of Marseille and its coast and high end Boat club and the speckled clean buildings all lined up perfectly with French balconies, it truly is spectacular but to my eyes it was not beautiful. The balance between its people and its city landscape is what makes a place beautiful in my eyes nowadays. The dynamics of a living symbiotic art.  

The Main Tourist Spot of Marseille
2 nights I stayed in Marseille but not much to do other than to just walk around the old town, climb a hill up to the Notre Dame where one could get a whole view of the city. All the food and restaurant was served for the tourist which comes in bus heaps and leaves in a few hours. Some wander into Marseille by car and some never left the train station as far as I could tell. Beyond the beautiful boat club which is the main destination for tourist stops Marseille the town was a mystery to me.  
Boat Club in Marseille - France

It felt gloom, a town that does not want to share with others and is glad outsiders are confined to the designated tourist spot prepared for them.

Marseille - France

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