Monday, 11 January 2016

Nice , nICe, NiCe, nICE , nIcE - France

I got from Toulon to Nice on a train deciding to spend money for once and got on the train for 27 euro, 2 hours. How do you describe NICE? I had mixed feeling the moment I stepped down the train at NICE station for suddenly it just did not feel right. There was too many Asians!

Nice is popular as a tourist destination I will give that and it’s still affordable to those who can’t afford Monaco. But because of that you will see people dressing up differently than usual. Tourist city normally looks like big nerds wearing mismatch clothing’s marking out tourist like a sore thumb but tourist in Nice all seem to blend in like a natural gloves when they arrive here.
Nice - France
The girls especially seam to do a great job in that aspect for some reason. I have never seen a hostel where every girl that comes in looks and behave as if the hostel was a 4 star hotel. Oh they know it’s a hostel alright and no complains like a rich spoil brat but it was the behaviour that surprise me. The act of rolling in that carted wheel luggage, expensive and stylish handbag with a sundress and big eye glasses on top their head made me pause a while outside the hostel and triple check if I was at the right location before going in.

If you are a true backpacker you know what I mean. Hostels are where you see the true self of people especially girls. In a word no makeup or much less. But in Nice somehow all the girls seem to be primed and properly cared for in the packed and undignified Hostel. The boys if not for the lack of trying, the wardrobe seems to be more diverse from the jeans and t-shirt when they dig up that one fancy shirt out of the backpack but the most obvious change is the way they speak, like of nobility and not some horny teenager trying their luck at every wavy skirt that catches their eye.
NICE is weird. I did not feel real the whole time I was here.

Smoking in the courtyard, I made some idle chit chat and by some chance asked a Miss Australia called Tessa what was her most unexpected event during this euro trip she was doing. Story goes was a day trip to Monaco, end up in some rich ass apartment privet party and got so drunk that night she got f*ck by 20 guys in gang bang style. Ok she did not get GangBang but really it could have happen. She did get so drunk someone else had to send her back all the way to NICE, in a Porsche car. I told her, that would never happen to a guy …. You need to be a girl to be that lucky.
So while everyone seam to party every night I kept to myself quiet and alone in the room reading and watching shows. I notice even the Asian was in the party mood and girls were flinging themselves at people. Somehow bad English turn me off and the one that are good enough normally are mature enough to keep away from the teenage party.
Nice - France

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