Saturday, 27 February 2016

Flying into Copenhagen-Denmark & a 66 Bed Dorm

Flying into Europe and immigration ask me the one question I really hate.
Do you have enough money to travel 3 months in Europe ?
Why do they do that … or rather why do they do that to me ?
Do I look like a person who would travel without money ?
Sheesh ….

My retort was simple enough …. Yes I said …. I am backpacking for a year and have been on the road for 8 months now.
He gave me a wide grin and a little envy look and wish me all the best with entry stamp. Backpacker privilege I guess …. You can travel anywhere if you are a backpacker even if you don’t have money.

Train to city centre was simple enough and the walk to the hostel that I pre booked from was pretty easy.
66 bed dorm …. Oh my I was wondering how it would be like, a little excited and also a little dread of horror I guess and I arrive at the City Public Hostel. Funny that it was called that .. Public Hostel, as if it was a charity thing but it was nowhere as cheap as other parts of Europe. Scandinavia was expensive and that was why I was even considering a 66 bed dorm.

Got in and a long queue at the reception. It’s a full house today the reception guy said to a couple in front and I rolled my eyes wondering how a 66 bed dorm could be fully booked. I was banking that most people would avoid a 66 bed dorm hence it would not be as bad as it seam but … It was really fully book …. And that was not the only room in the hostel.
It was indeed a 66 bed dorm and I had to pay extra for linen and bedsheets as well. The dorm was set in somewhat a basketball or some indoor court. They had low partition built in like an office cubicle hence although a 66 bed big indoor court it was well separated into cubicles of 4 each with each his own small lockers. Interesting indeed and not as bad as I thought.

Just like that … Family break and safezone was over ….  I was back on the road … time to start exploring
A typical street in Copenhagen.

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